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Blanket or Shirt (Branded/Personalized)

Blanket or Shirt (Branded/Personalized)


A sweet gift for a favorite Taekwondo instructor. We were asked to her make a gift. We brainstormed with our client and come up with this. Amanda loved it.



  • Dry Clean (Preferred)
  • Hand wash (better)
  • Machine wash (Gentle cycle)
    • in cold water
    • increase amount of laundry softener
    • use a mesh bag

Dry cleaning is the best for these 100% polyester blankets. Hand washing is good too, in cold with a gentle detergent. If you have to use a washing machine place the blanket in a mesh bag, using the gentle cycle. Dry with low to no heat and remove after cycle is done. Do not over dry. You can also air dry but please be sure the blanket is completely dry. You don’t want mold to grow on it.

Since these items are handcrafted not two items will be exactly alike but all are all crafted with care and you in mind.

Please allow lead time of 1-2 weeks for these handmade products. Feel free to message us with any questions, specific deadlines, or additional important information. Thank you for your patience and understanding.




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